Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update - An Update on Results

Written By Ross McClenahan - April 29, 2015

Everyone has been waiting in rapt anticipation, in some cases paralyzing fear, to learn of the fallout of Google’s April 21st rollout of their mobile friendly algorithm changes. So has all the buzz been warranted? In many cases, absolutely.

In a few studies we looked at, the results are not surprising. Mobile friendly websites kept moving up in the search engine results pages (SERPs), while websites that have not been made mobile friendly are slowing dropping. Some industries seem to be getting hit harder than others. According to some sources, many law firm websites have not updated to being mobile friendly and are therefore dropping in the rankings, possibly more so than some other industries as a whole.

It is of interest to note, however, that the top 20 results haven’t seemed to change all that much. This could mean that many of those sites were already mobile friendly and therefore, have not been affected. The big changes seem to be occurring below the third page by this one week milestone.

It is clear that the non-mobile friendly websites are being replaced in the SERPs by mobile friendly website results. These are, of course, only initial results with the algorithm change being just a week old. But by all indications, non-mobile sites are certainly getting hit, and one can reasonably expect their decline to continue.

If your business has not made a move to ensure that your website meets Google’s new mobile friendly requirements, it is certainly not too late to make these changes. If you have noticed a decline in your website’s rankings and would like to take the necessary steps to rectify this decline before your website is lost in the Google SERP oblivion (1), contact Tree Top Web Design at (831) 425-4505 and let us help you take action!

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