Ross McClenahan

Ross McClenahan

Ross McClenahan is co-owner and Lead Developer at Tree Top Web Design, a Santa Cruz Web Design firm.

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ipad mockup blogGoogle has recently announced significant changes to its search algorithm for the ranking of mobile search results. This change will take effect on April 21, 2015. Whether your website has certain mobile friendly elements will now hold more weight in Google’s search engine algorithm. How much will mobile rankings be impacted?

During a March 2015 Search Marketing Expo in Munich Google said that this 4/21/15 change will be bigger than the Panda and Penguin updates (1). As the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet continues to grow, this update is designed to help users discover more mobile-friendly content.

Tree Top Web Design specializes in helping our clients meet their online goals by building beautiful, easy to use, enterprise level websites using the content management system (CMS) Joomla. No more waiting or paying others to make simple changes to your website (however, we are always available for support if needed). Joomla makes website management as easy as using a word processing program allowing the average user to upload and insert images and post news and blog items with ease.

Who Uses Joomla?

Joomla is an award-winning CMS, which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications. Currently 2.9% of the entire internet runs on Joomla. Business, Governments, and non-profits of all shapes and sizes use Joomla due to the powerful and scalable nature of its platform. Here are a few examples:

  • eBay
  • United Nations Regional Information Centre
  • Barnes & Noble
  • GE/ General Electric
  • Ikea
  • Pizza Hut
  • Heathrow Airport
  • MTV
  • Mexico City
  • Jaguar
  • Sony Pictures

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You can also contact us by calling (831) 425-4505 or by requesting your complimentary 30 minute phone website consultation and we will answer all of your Joomla related questions.

All Joomla web design clients are also enrolled in our complimentary Active Security Monitoring Program.

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More on Joomla!

Inn At Pasatiempo

Inn At Pasatiempo

  Hotel Property Website

  Online Booking Engine Integration

  Manages Both Hotel & Event Business

  Responsive/ Mobile Friendly



The Inn At Pasatiempo was exploring ways to drive more traffic to their Santa Cruz website and place higher in local search results. Their previous SEO and website maintenance company had made efforts in this direction but was missing the mark. After some in-depth SEO research and analysis of their current website Tree Top Wed Design developed a new online marketing strategy for their hotel along with a set of milestones to measure success.

We are excited to announce our new Active Security Monitoring Program! This 3 pronged program is a new complimentary service we are providing to all of our Santa Cruz web design clients and consists of the following website security layers:

Website Uptime Monitoring

We have partnered with Pingdom to actively monitor the uptime of your website and other related hosting services. Your website is “pinged” every 5 minutes (does not affect website analytics), and if there is a problem with accessing your server, we are notified immediately and will take the appropriate actions in order to resolve the issue.

Active Website File Security Monitoring

We have also partnered with to actively monitor and log any changes to your website’s core files. Files are scanned multiple times per day for changes, and if a change is detected we are notified immediately and will take the appropriate actions in order to resolve any potential issues.

Website Security Update Notifications

Just like with computers, occasionally security threats are identified that must be patched in order to maintain the highest level of protection. The third part of our new Active Security Monitoring Program addresses this issue. When a new critical security issue has been identified you will be notified via email immediately. Once the security notification has been delivered, please take one of the following actions:

  1. Simply “reply” to the email and we will address the security issue right away
  2. Reply to the email letting us know you wish to fix the issue yourself, no additional actions will be taken on our end

If we do not receive a response from you within 48 hours we will proceed with the security update in an effort to keep your website secure and your investment safe. Security patches typically take approximately one hour and include a full before and after backup of your files and database(s).

All of our Santa Cruz web design clients are automatically enrolled in this complimentary website security program. We look forward to helping keep your website safe and secure.

Have questions? Please contact us by calling (831) 425-4505.

web-security-tipsAs a business owner, keeping your website investment and online data safe is a top priority. However, this can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. One does not have to look too far in order to see examples of devastating security breaches (eg. the Heartbleed bug, Target credit card data leak). In fact, according to the online security firm Sophos Labs1, approximately 30,000 new websites per day are identified as distributing spam or malicious code. Most of these are small business websites that have been hacked and turned into malware distribution zombies. But fear not as there are some basic steps all website owners can take in order to keep their site and online data safe and help prevent becoming a hacking statistic.