July 9, 2013


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Help-a-thon is the brain child of super school fundraising professional Rod Caborn. Rod and his company First Class Fundraising have been helping schools across California successfully raise funds for various projects and budgetary shortfalls for over 20 years. Needless to say we were thrilled and honored to be selected as Help-a-thon’s Santa Cruz Web Design partner and web consultant for such a unique and impactful project.

Here is how it works:

Each participating school picks a community service project to perform (eg. beach/ school cleanup, singing for an elder group etc.). Students then ask family and friends to make a pledge in order to support their community service efforts. Schools get to keep between 80-95% of all funds collected (average school fundraisers make <50%), the school and students increase their standing in the community and no one has to sell/ buy a bunch of overpriced merchandise.

A school (or club) registers at the Help-a-thon website and pays a nominal access fee. In turn they are mailed a starter packet and get their own website profile page where they can showcase their service project, collect online donations, keep track of the donated funds and post pictures of the event. All of this is done 100% online allowing their Help-a-thon fundraising event(s) to reach friends and family across the US and eliminating the issues inherent with schools and students collecting checks and cash.

A full set of social media accounts were also created and braded for this project.

Although the Help-a-thon fundraising program is a nationwide program it was important to the client to form a relationship with a local Santa Cruz web design team that was experienced and could provide the in-depth planning and technical programming necessary to bring a project like theirs to life. We are honored to support Help-a-thon and all the good it brings to schools and local communities across the nation.

Ross McClenahan

Ross McClenahan is co-owner and Lead Developer at Tree Top Web Design, a Santa Cruz Web Design firm.

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