Website Malware Removal

Unhacking Hacked Websites

Having your website hacked is no fun. At best, it’s an inconvenience that needs to be dealt with ASAP. Worst case, your website visitors are bounced to malicious sites that infect their devices with viruses. Regardless, a hacked website affects not only your bottom line but also your online reputation.

We can help with the removal of malware from your website, then protect it against future attacks.

Our Website Malware Removal Service Includes:

Identifying the hack

We deep scan all your website files and folders with multiple tools to root out the problems.

Cleaning the files/ code

Compromised files are cleaned, replaced, or removed based on the type and severity of the hack.

Securing & hardening the website

Once cleaned, a reference scan is made, firewall tools added, and server hardened against further attacks.

Monitoring for further issues

The cleaned site is then monitored for any future unauthorized file changes or user account changes.

Our website malware removal service is best paired with our Website Security Monitoring Program and will help detect any future issues.

  • "Ross and the TTWD team do a great job with website design, SEO, and ongoing maintenance of a professional website. My firm has a 5+ year working relationship with TTWD and have been extremely satisfied with their work, responsiveness, and overall customer service. I highly recommend Ross and the TTWD team!"
    Jeff Tavangar - CEO | The Armada Group

    Let's Clean, Then Protect Your Hacked Website!

    If you think your website has been infected with malware, contact us by calling (831) 425-4505 or by requesting your complimentary 30 minute website consultation. We will walk you through our website malware removal process and give you some concrete recommendations.